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Gimkit Join – Know Everything About It

Gimkit is a game-show platform for the classroom in a school. It allows students to answer questions on their electronic devices and compete with each other. Apart from point-earnings, students can earn virtual currency that they can use to boost their scores during a game on Gimkit. Students can play live games or use it as their independent practice. They can use their classroom accounts or enter game codes to connect with and play games.

Teachers can use Gimkit to create, launch, and assign games to their students by choosing from an extensive array of play modes. Further, the teachers can set parameters for the games they are creating or sharing with their students. They can see and download reports for each student or the whole class.

Gimkit Subscription Plans 

Gimkit has four subscription plans – Basic, Pro, School (Pro Pass), and Department (Groups). The basic plan, Gimkit Basic, is available at free of cost. Gimkit Pro can cost you around $4.99 a month or $59.88 a year while Gimkit Pro Pass (School) can cost you $ 1000 a year. Gimkit Groups (Department) is available at a cost of $650 a year.

How to Teach with Gimkit

As a teacher, you can use Gimkit to teach your students. The live game play on this platform is quite engaging for your students. It works better when you assign it for an independent practice to your students. In that form, it works like flash cards. You can search for kits (question sets) that other users have created and modify/edit them for teaching your students.

How to Use Gimkit as a Teacher 

To sign up:

  • Browse the website gimkit.com on your device using a web browser.
  • Tap on the Sign Up option that you can find around the Login option at the top right corner of the website.
  • Select a plan – Gimkit Basic, Gimkit Pro Pass, Gimkit pro, or Gimkit Groups.
  • Type your email address and passwords.

Create a Kit:

  • Tap on the option – New Kit – to create a Kit.
  • Select a subject and language after naming the kit.
  • Tap on the right option as per your wish and need – Create with Flashcard, Add Question, Import from Spreadsheet, Continue with KitCollab, or Add from Question Bank.
  • Select the question type – Text Input or Multiple Choice.
  • Enter the question. Type the accurate answer in the box next to the checkmark icon in green. Opt for entering answers in the red X icon if you choose Multiple Choice as your question type.
  • Tap on the Finish Kit option in the left panel as you are done with the kit.

To host a game: 

  • Tap on the green Play tab that you can find next to your completed kit.
  • Select a game type – Team Mode or Classic.
  • Choose a goal for the game – All In, Time, or Race.
  • Select Starting Cash.
  • Opt for Handicap to restrict your students from going below a specific cash amount.
  • Select Answer Check to allow students to view the correct answer.
  • Select Music for music, Clapping if there is clapping, and time range to decide whether students can join the game late.
  • Select the right Shop Options – Clean Power Ups Only, Themes, and Powerups.
  • Tap on the green Continue option.
  • Share the code with students and let them enter their codes.
  • Tap on Start Game to let students play games.

Join a Live Game as a Student 

  • Request your teacher to share or see your teacher’s screen to look for a game code. Copy and paste the game code you receive.
  • Browse gimkit.com/join on your device.
  • Type the game code in the box of game Code.
  • Now, click on Join. You will automatically join if your instructor is utilizing classes and you are signed into Gimkit.
  • Type your name or produce your confirmation for the nickname if the teacher is utlizing the Nickname Generator.

Join a class on Gimkit or Join a Gimkit Class as a Student 

  • Open the class join link your teacher has shared with you.
  • Use your email or Google account for authentication.
  • Wait for getting into your teacher’s class on Gimkit.

Use Instant-Join as a Student 

  • Use a class with a student account to use instant-join.
  • Choose your class while configuring the options of your game.
  • Start hosting a game.
  • Visit the page – gimkit.com/join. You will join automatically when you are logged into your class on Gimkit. You need to enter the game code as a respective prompt appears if you are not signed into your class.

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