Privacy Policy

At, we care about student data privacy. This policy explains how we collect and use student information when interacting with the Gimkit platform.

Information We May Collect

  • Student-Generated Content: If our site lets students create content related to Gimkit (e.g., projects), we might collect:
    • Project submissions
    • Answers to Gimkit questions within projects
    • Any other information students input
  • Data from Gimkit: We might receive limited information directly from Gimkit, including:
    • Basic student performance on Gimkit activities
  • Technical Data: We collect typical website log data (IP address, browser type) necessary for site functionality.

How We Use the Information

  • Core Features: We only use data to make our features that connect with Gimkit function.
  • Teacher Access: If teachers use our site, they may see student work related to Gimkit.
  • Safety & Security: We use data to keep our platform secure and to troubleshoot issues.
  • Improvement: We analyze data (without identifying specific students) to make our service better.

What We DON’T Do

  • Sell Student Data: We never sell student information for marketing
  • Unrelated Sharing: We don’t give student data to other companies unless absolutely essential for our Gimkit features.

Your Choices

  • Account Settings: If applicable, you may be able to control some privacy settings within your account.
  • School/Teacher Controls: Your school or teacher likely has additional controls in place for Gimkit.

Changes & Contact

We’ll update this policy if needed. Contact us at [email protected] with any privacy questions.

Important Disclaimers

  • COPPA: If you serve children under 13 in the US, you need even stricter privacy practices and must comply with COPPA law.
  • Gimkit’s Policy: Students and teachers should also refer to Gimkit’s own privacy policy for how they handle data.
  • Seek Legal Counsel: This is NOT a substitute for having a lawyer draft your full-fledged privacy policy.